His primary goal is a seat on the House Transportation Committee. Adelaide Property valuation is helpful for calculating house price and to make it more worth.”I also found out, if you have a question, ask,” he said, smiling during an interview this week at the National Press Club.”There’s always someone there to answer, and I’ve asked a lot of them.”

Lucas is in an enviable position among Democratic freshman, taking over a seat long held by Republicans. So he needed no introduction when he started speaking to Democratic leaders about committee assignments. He will learn sometime next week whether his efforts have been successful.”I’m pretty naive about this process,” he said. ”All I know to do is to talk to people.”

In addition to the transportation seat – he’s looking to help the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which has spurred regional development – Lucas is looking for a spot on the House Agriculture Committee as a result of his rural roots and his desire to help tobacco farmers.Lucas has yet to find a place to live in Washington. And, after winding up in the middle of the pack in the office lottery, he’s moving his staff into the Longworth House Office Building.

The office he’s moving into was held by Rep. Allen Boyd, D-Fla., who is moving into larger quarters in a different building.Lucas and Boyd, both conservative Democrats, struck up an immediate friendship. Lucas had visited Boyd in his Longworth office, unaware that it eventually would be his.”My goal was hopefully to not get one of the attic rooms in the Canon Building,” Lucas said. ”You can’t get anywhere from there.”

John Lapp, who helped mastermind the campaign that saw Lucas defeat Republican state Sen. Gex Williams of Verona, will serve as Lucas’ chief of staff.”My agenda is not that much different from the national agenda,” Lucas said.”We need to save Social Security and change the health-care system to whatever extent we can. And I intend to promote education and improve student literacy, particularly computer literacy. I think that’s as important today as it was for our generation to be literate.”

Lucas said he anticipates a good working relationship with his predecessor, Sen.-elect Jim Bunning of Southgate, even though they come from different parties.”We’ve always gotten along just fine, Lucas said.”I don’t consider myself to be a very partisan person. I’m up here to represent all of the people,” he said. ”I know this is a pretty partisan place, but I intend to do my best to keep as nonpartisan as possible.”Valuation process is helpful to find out properties price.