According to Federal Law No. 135 “On Adelaide Property Valuers Activities in the Territory of the Russian Federation”, appraisers can use the following methods in their work:

  1. Comparative;
  2. Profitable;
  3. Costly.

The comparative method is most often used to assess the market and investment value of a Adelaide Property Valuers. Its essence lies in the name. The expert needs to study an impressive amount of information, compare several similar objects and make a verdict. The main task is to make sure that the buyer does not buy the object at an inflated price.

The income method is used to assess investment potential. The appraiser determines how much profit a certain property will bring. In addition, the income method takes into account possible risks. The key idea of ​​income appraisal is not to overpay for a property Wikipedia if it does not pay for itself properly.

As for the cost method, its essence is as follows: the object should not cost more than the amount that will have to be spent on its construction or restoration. It is most often used to evaluate houses and land plots for development.

According to experts, the most accurate results can be expected only when the appraiser uses all three methods in combination.